One of the most important decisions in the process of leasing your property is choosing the right property management company. Hendren Realty, a full service?real estate and property management company, can help save you time, reduce stress, save money and?keep things running smoothly while your property generates cash flow and increases in value. 

Property Owners and Renters have agreed that: Hendren Realty is #1-The leading real estate and property management company in the Alamance/Guilford County area, including Gibsonville,Elon,Graham,Burlington and Whitsett.


Attracting Qualified Tenants

We attract qualified tenants through?local and national advertising.? Our website,?WWW.HENDRENREALTY.COM?receives over 3,000 visits a?
month!? And these?people don\'t even know your place is for rent, unless
we\'re managing your property!

We also use yard signs,flyers,newspaper advertising,real estate guides,home
finder companies,tenant referrals and many?other sources to?find?people looking
for rental property!

Tenant Screening

We require a tenant application.? Employment and wages are checked as well
as past rental history.??We take pride in the quality of tenants we attract in our rental
program.? As an owner, if?you would like background or credit checks, you may request
and pay for the additional investigations.

Property Inspections

We strive to protect your?investment.? Before a tenant moves into any property, a?
representative from?our company will do a thorough walk thru with the tenant and?a pre-
move in check list will be?done to document the condition of the property.? Frequent drive-
bys are made to observe that property exteriors are well maintained and that the lawn and
landscaping are groomed.? Also before a tenant moves out, another inspection?is done?
and any damages are noted and repaired?before the security deposit is returned.

Maintenance and Repairs

We keep maintenance costs down by using qualified,reasonably priced tradesmen
to?perform any repairs?needed at the property.? Because we deal with?repairs quite?
frequently, we know what these repairs should cost.??However, if you are?"handy" and?
would like to handle the repairs yourself, we can arrange that as well.? In?emergency?
situations or when contacting you is not practical or impossible, we reserve the right
to initiate the repairs at your expense.? Other than that you will be contacted?before any
repairs are made?on the?property.??Our reps are available 24 hours a day for maintenance

Setting Rental Rates

We want to be fair to the owner and we want to be fair and competitive with the tenant.?We
work with you to establish a fair rental rate for your property.Setting fair rental rates, good?customer service, and maintaining a strong marketing effort allows us to maintain a very high occupancy?rate.?

Providing?Legal Documents & Advice

Leases,applications,real estate brokerage disclosure forms and?other documents are used
to comply with the North Carolina Real Estate Commissions Landlord-Tenant statutes and?
clearly explain landlord rights and tenant responsibilities.? Despite background checks, tenant
conflicts occasionally arise.? Hendren Realty retains a?Real Estate Attorney to provide legal
advice and services to you at a reasonable fee.

Collection of Rents?& Deposits

A security deposit is required of all tenants.? Tenants who do not pay there rent by the 5th of the month are sent a?late notice and assessed a late fee.? Although evictions are rare, we will normally arrange the removal of a tenant within 30 days should rent not be paid in a timely manner.

Accounting Services

To allow for rent collections and tenant checks to clear the bank,property owner checks are
mailed once a month.

Providing Reasonable?Fees

Unlike some management companies, Hendren Realty?does not assess start up fees.
There is no REALTOR referral fee,no advertising fee,?no fee when the property is vacant
and no fee to arrange maintenance services.? Since our job is keeping your property occupied,?
there will be no management fee when the property is?vacant!

Our residential management fee?ranges from 10% to?12% of?rents collected from tenants, payable monthly.? Most management companies charge the same fee,depending on the?type of property managed, market conditions and geographic area.??However, the difference in property management firms?often is the quality of services.

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